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Cervical Traction

100_0021_2.jpg  100_0024.jpg 

Toes, Knees, elbows against the wall.  Relax neck.

 Towel / Cervical Roll



100_0032.jpg 100_0033.jpg 100_0034.jpg 100_0035.jpg

 Dead Bug

100_0030_1.jpg  100_0031.jpg

Start with extending one arm, then one leg, then both on opposite sides.



Williams Flexion Exercises

100_0036.jpg  100_0037.jpg  100_0038.jpg

 Bruegger Exercises

 100_0025.jpg 100_0027_2.jpg 100_0026.jpg 100_0029.jpg

Remember to keep your thumbs up and squeeze the inferior portions of your shoulder blades together

 Standing Proprioception


Alternate right and left leg.  Once you are comfortable, try it with your eyes closed

 Shoulder Exercises

100_0041.jpg 100_0042.jpg 100_0043.jpg 100_0044.jpg



Planks aka Bridges

100_0045.jpg  100_0046.jpg